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The Racist Murder of James Waite in Sweden
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Prime minister Persson We will crush them!
We Shall Crush Them! (Vi ska krossa dem)
Pure undilluted Hate Speech from Swedens now former PM Goran Persson. inciting violence directed at patriotic people of all creeds and backgrounds. It cost Daniel Wretstrom his life.

World famous Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen about criticizm from the Swedish PM Goran Persson in the German magazine Der Spiegel: I am always very grateful when being attacked by Swedish Social Democrats. Then I can be sure we are on the right track.

Swedish media publicize names and pictures of right wing activists, in a weird and confused mix of Hell's Angels and alleged dangerous right wing extremists. Aftonbladet English Edition via Whitespeech

: Immigrant Violence in Sweden: 'Welcome to Sweden' (20 MB mpg)
Same video 5 MB wmv (6 MB wmv)

»We will crush them«
Violence inciting
Hatespeech from
Swedish Prime Minister
Goran Persson

The acts of anti white terror in Sweden are directly connected to the hate speech by Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson, who has spoken his hatred against all nationalist Swedish movements, which he said "should be exterminated". Persson is a also great admirer of Kim Il Sung of North Korea. Read quote.

The Thug Report - Straight from da hood

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Latest archieved murders bottom page.

Opdatering May 30 2007: Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, Knoxville Murders

Update December 11 2006

Oslo rape statistics shock Read

Two out of three charged with rape in Norway's capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. The number of rape cases is also rising steadily.

Breaking "News"

The Guardian: Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white

22 october 2006 (finally the partial truth)

Home Office release official figures as police claim that political correctness is stifling the debate

Nearly half of all victims of racially motivated murders in the last decade have been white, according to official figures released by the Home Office.The data, released under Freedom of Information legislation, shows that between 1995 and 2004 there have been 58 murders where the police consider a racial element played a key part. Out of these, 24 have been where the murder victim was white.

The disclosure will add to the intense debate over multiculturalism in British society. The figures also overturn the assumption that almost all racial murders are committed against ethnic minority victims.Senior police officers have admitted that 'political correctness’ and the fear of discussing the issue have meant that race crime against white people goes under-reported. One chief constable has claimed that white, working-class men are more alienated than the Muslim community.

Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Cheshire and a spokesman on race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men.'The political correctness and reluctance to discuss these things absolutely does play a factor’, he said. 'A lot of police officers and other professions feel almost the best thing to do is try and avoid it for fear of being criticised. We probably have all got ourselves into a bit of state about this.

'The difficulty in the police service is that the whole thing is being closed down because we are all afraid of discussing any of it in case we say the wrong thing - and that is not healthy.'These latest official figures give the most complete picture of racially motivated murders in the UK, revealing the situation to be much more complex.

'There are a lot of young white working-class lads, particularly on the more difficult estates, who are hugely alienated. Yet very little attention is given to that’. More

Another white child killed by cowardly immigrants (from a webpage no longer available)

The night between Saturday and Sunday the 14-year-old white boy James Waite was stabbed to death by a gang of immigrants in Sollentuna north of Swedish capital Stockholm.

Waite had participated in a barbecue with his friends when he on the way home met his assassins, a group of five to seven immigrant youths.

James Waite Victim of the multiethnic society
James Waite victim of
the multi ethnic state

"Are you a Nazi?" one of them asked young James,........

.........whereupon he was assaulted, stabbed several times in the chest, one blow piercing his heart.
He later bled to death on the way to a hospital.

The diabolic media in Sweden have tried to defuse what really happened, referring to the fight as a "racist gang fight" between skinheads and immigrants, in some cases not even informing that a "racist" was the victim.

Some have used deliberate deceptive phraseology such as "several racists were at the scene where the murder took place," not mentioning the ethnicity of either victim or perpetrators.

Some media stories report that one immigrant youth received a knife wound, "forgetting" to mention that he received it by mistake from another knife-wielding immigrant.

Ross Parker - murdered
Sept. 21-2001 age 17

Ali Awan - murderer
Ali Awan
sarfraz Ali - murderer
Sarfraz Ali
ziraff Mahrad - murderer
Ziaraff Mahrad
Shaied Nazir - murderer
Shaied Nazir
The murderers Details of the murder of Ross Parker | more
The BBC denial
More Immigrant Murderers click

James Waite - Murdered by immigrant gang in Sweden - Details are on this page
James Waite - murdered
Sept. 11- 2004 age 14

Sean Whyte Murdered - Victim of the multi ethnic society  - Click for details on the murder

Sean Whyte - murdered
May 2 - 2004 age 17

A search of BBC archives on the BBC website will return no results for Sean Whyte. This is in contrast to the 190 pages of material about the Stephen Lawrence murder. (Stephen Lawrence was black). News: murderer boasts about the murder in Islamic circles. Read

Krids Donald Murdered - Victim of the multi ethnic society - Click for details on the murder
Kriss Donald - murdered
March 16 - 2004 age 15

New details - trial
Murder media blackout: 19 november 2004

Kriss wasn’t just beaten, stabbed and set on fire; he was also castrated, had his tongue cut off and had his eyes gouged out – all before he was stabbed, covered in petrol, set on fire and left to crawl, blind and in agony, through mud and filth in his final desperate and vain struggle for life.
Murderers: Daanish Zahid Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammad Faisal

BNP comparison between treatment of two racially motivated murders (pdf)

Detailed article about the proceedings in the Kriss donald case at Western Resistance: UK: Scots Schoolboy "Was Still Alive" When Muslims Set Him Alight

Gavin Hopley

Gavin Hopley- murdered
February 16 - 2002 age 19

Demonstration Justice for Gavin Hopley
Jury clears youth from murder
Gavin had been robbed of his watch and chain as he lay dying on the ground. Eight asians were arrested and charged, four were convicted for violent disorder another one for theft.

Daniel Wretstrom victim of the multi ethnic society - Click for details on the murderDaniel Wretström
The whole "gang fight" smokescreen also conceals the fact that Waite and his girlfriend were the only people at the scene apart from the immigrants.

Daniel Wretstrom - Salem

Four years ago 17-year-old nationalist Daniel Wreström was brutally murdered by a gang of seven immigrants who battered him for a long time before jumping on his head and cutting his throat. He was on his way home from a party, drunk and unable to defend himself. The purpetrators got off with a light sentence.

The heinous deed caused an outrage among Swedish nationalists who in short notice summoned well over 1000 people to march in honor of his memory. The march has become an annual event in protest of the anti-White violence in Swedish society.

Last year over 2000 nationalists participated. Svenska liv | Snaphanen: Apropos Salem marchen (Swedish)

Jenny & Linda victims of Muslim abuse and rape in Sweden
They kept on beating us. (Sweden)
With blood running down from her head wound, 18 year old Linda watched helplessly how 4 or 5 men dragged her same aged friend Jenny away. Both girls were seriously manhandled before Jenny was raped. From the Swedish paper Expressen, which did not mention the ethnicity of the rapist animals. Well, it is not really necessary, for everybody already knows. Had the perpetrators been Whites, it would have been mentioned explicitly.

The Funeral of James Waite (images)

Today a memorial ceremony gathered almost 300 nationalists at the scene of Waite's murder, showing their respect for the young boy and their fury at the murderers and the political establishment whose policies are responsible for the destructive conditions in this country.

Next weekend yet another march will take place, expected to assemble far greater numbers of people from all over the country.

Today all nationalists should give a moment of thought to Waite and his near and dear. We also must understand that though this incident in itself is a reason to act and to manifest our indignation, we must act and manifest every day to throw off the yoke holding us down as a people.

A young boy shouldn't have to pay with his life for us to understand that.

A 16 year old Chilean youth is curently being held for the murder.

(thanks to the unknown author)

Got off with light sentences

6 of the 7 young immigrants; Joaquin Ahumada, Maximilliano Ahumda, Daniel Baeza, Amir Mahdi, Khaled Odeh, Taher Odeh, Anders Vattinen, have been sentenced to 40 hours of social service or US$ 180 in fee. The principal brain behind the crime is declared mental ill.

Fresh Rape statistics from Sweden
Thursday, January 12, 2006
Rapes jump 30% in Sweden
The number of rapes in Sweden was 2631 in 2004. A 30% increase would mean the 2005 number is 3.400. Population ca. 9 million. Whole story: Viking Observer

Research by the Swedish integration authorities (migrationsvaerket) showed that 8 out of 10 Swedes think muslim culture is incompatible with Western culture. A clear majority of the swedes also declared that they rather not live in an area with many muslims....

But to the outside world the Swedish government boasts of it's 'success with integrating immigrants'. Sweden also has a very high rate of right wing violence, while a country like evil muslim bashing Denmark, where free speech has better conditions than in the 'Democratic People's Republic of Sweden' right wing violence is close to none!

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † 

Balder comments:

The background for the killings of nationalists or people thought to be nationalists

Sajid Hussain Fuck You Heathens!
Sajid Hussain
5 year old child paralized for life and invalidated old lady. Isn't the attitude familiar? Why do we have to shelter scum like him? read

Sweden is one of the European countries where the government has most eagerly aspired to become the number one multiethnic multicultural society in the world.

Although Sweden has no colonial past, apart from its former occupation of neighboring Finland, and thus no practical historical reasons for having any immigrant population from former colonies like England and France, the Swedish socialists and conservatives combined have chosen to make up for this loss, by willfully allowing and encouraging non white immigration from all parts of the world.

During the reign of Pinochet in Chile the Swedish socialists may have found it opportune to give permanent residence to thousands of Chilean refugees with very strong left wing convictions to strengthen their base of power.
Of course these people were in real need and deserved protection, this has to be said. But they should have returned home when things were safe.

After that followed hundred of thousands of Arabs, Pakistanis, Africans and the like. And this traffic goes on and on in spite of resistence, and in spite of the on going downward spiral the Swedish economy experiences. Resistence is futile, no heed is taken of the ever rising crime rate or the ever increasing numbers of young people who join the far right. There simply isn't any other place to go in that country.

Swedes assisting immigrants in circumventing Danish laws

For the honor of the family
Honor killing
larger click

But it doesn't stop there. Sweden openly advertises its immigrant friendly policy, and even assists Danish immigrants in bypassing the ever more tightening immigration laws in Denmark, by providing them with temporary housing and pro forma addresses.

This way they can continue their Muslim practices of forced marriage by importing new immigrant partners form the Muslim world; Pakistan, Turkey, Somalia you name it, get married have an address in Sweden which after a while due to EU laws gives the automatic right to move back to Denmark.

In Denmark the so called 24 years law makes it impossible for anyone below that age to "import" a partner from outside the European Union. Other restrictions also apply.
The marriage partners have to prove that their total ties with Denmark are greater than their ties with another country.
Here many factors are being considered, like language, family ties and other parameters. Also a financial guarantee of 50,000 D kr. has to be deposited. (= approx. $ 8,000 or £ 4,500 or 6.700 Euro)

This law has been in place for a while now and has proven to be very effective in keeping out new immigrants.

Welcome to Sweden - Press Play button
2009 UPDATE The video above is an old one: here below the new Sweden March 2009!

Riots in Malmö because of Sweden / Israel tennis match police is powerless

CBN News: Malmö, Sweden - Growing muslim influence (Svenske undertekster)

Antonio Currà (Currá, Curra)

Murdered by two Turks (cousins) Ferhat Kilic and Hizir Kilic

Update October 31, 2009: Hizir Kilic killed his cousin Ferhat Kilic - Ekstra Bladet - Nu er Ferhat Kilic selv blevet myrdet - af fætteren

Antonio Curra (Currá) - Italian tourist murdered in Copenhagen by immigrants
Antonio Curra -
Aug 9 '03 age 19

Antonio Curra (Currá) was a young Italian tourist who just wanted to experience Copenhagen.
In an area of Copenhagen, Norrebro which is mainly occupied by a mixture of immigrants and supporters of the radical left, he was stabbed to death by two young immigrant Turks who wanted to rob him. He fled and tried to get into a taxi, but was chased by the two Turks and stabbed to death.

At the site of the stabbing a memorial was held this year, which was vandalized and desecrated by young immigrants who destroyed flowers and artifacts, wrote slanderous slogans and threatened bystanders who were protesting with knives. A few days ago the incarcerated Turkish murderer stabbed another prison inmate.

In Norrebro extreme leftwing demonstrators make common cause with islamists, and have driven Christian groups who wanted to manifest themselves off the streets. Officers from the parking police refuse to uphold the law and refuse to write parking tickets because they fear for their own safety. (Because of the violent immigrants).

Since the attack on Curra several other episodes involving tourists being knifed by immigrants have taken place. Images of leftwing fascists and muslims on Norrebro during a demonstration organized by the mildly lunatic but warmhearted Christian Moses Hansen here. For Danish readers: »En gåtur i en betændt bydel«

Daniel Wretstrom victim of the multi ethnic society - Click for details on the murder
Daniel Wretstrom

9-12-2000 age 17

Daniel Wretström

The killer, Khaled Odeh, was sentenced for manslaughter to psychiatric care since the court came to the conclusion that he suffered from temporary insanity when he committed the crime. When the verdict is formulated this way it is not unusual that the convicted is declared healthy after about a year and is released. Only six of his companions were prosecuted. Three of them were sentenced to forty hours of community service and contact with the social services. Two of those remaining were ordered to pay 1800 Swedish crowns (about 200 Euros) in fines and the last one was released on parole and ordered to pay 1800 crowns in fines. Is a Swedish boy’s life worth that little? Less than a speeding ticket? You can read more here

One of the torturers of Daniel Wretstrom
Danilo Henriquez  Reggaestjerne - Daniel Wretstöm mord - DanJah
Danilo Henriquez - DanJah - Reggea

Danilo Henriquez was one of the members of the immigrant gang that tortured and murdered 17 years old Daniel Wretstrom in Salem, Sweden in 2000. Now, only 9 years after the terrible crime for which Danilo Henriques got a slap on the wrist: 40 hours community service. Now the criminal is hailed at several Swedish radio stations, under his new name 'DanJah' as a reggae star. He will be presenting a reggea CD before too long. After being accesory to torture and murder he was sentenced for drug related offenses.

Sweden: Ruthless oppression of criticism

Victims of the multicult

Sarah - Sweden
Göteborg Monday January 10 2006
attacked with knife by
'dark skinned curly haired male'
'Damned Swedish whore'

The suppression of any anti immigration opinion, movement or party has taken totalitarian proportions. Everybody who is critical is being vilified. Most Danish politicians acknowledge the criminal lunacy of the Swedish government’s politics, and sometimes even protest and criticize it openly and in very unfriendly terms.

Some cities in the south of Sweden like Malmo now have an immigrant population of about 70%. Crimes like gang rape, knife stabbing asf. have exploded, but it is more or less forbidden for the media to report on these things.

Policy in Sweden: Immigrants, immigration and the multicultural society have highest priority.
All opposition is racist and must be fought by all means.

Widespread election swindle against Nationalist Swedish parties has been reported, and they also suffer from an almost total media black out. Most major newspapers have been put under pressure by the government to refuse to carry advertisements, and they are not being invited to the usual TV debates.

Consequently there is a developing an ever stronger number of supporters for not only moderate immigration opponents, but for Nazi inspired parties as well.

Daniel Wretstroms grave

Goran Persson the Swedish prime minister has launched ferocious verbal attacks against any signs of nationalism, and has spoken in emotional hitlerian speeches broadcasted on tv about the necessity to "crush these Nazi's and rightwing extremists", "by all means."

Some people have obviously taken this literally and have started to attack and in some cases kill people they suspect of having nationalist sympathies.

Four year ago the most noticeable case was the murder of Daniel Wretstrom by a gang of seven immigrants, today it is the case of the totally innocent 14 year old James Waite.

Just how vicious Swedish policies are, can be read out of the fact that James' Mother was persuaded to make a statement to the press that "immigrants should not be blamed", even before she had time to fully comprehend, let alone mourn the meaningless death of her son.

Quotations: Göran Persson's ode to North Koreas president Kim Jong Il

"In May 2001 a top-level delegation of the European Union visited the DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea). At that time the leader (Kim Jong Il) met the delegation and talked with them candidly. Fascinated by his personality, Goran Person, who was then the President of the European Council and Prime Minister of Sweden, extolled him, calling him a well-read, qualified leader, an open-minded and unceremonious man, a faultless leader who is well versed in everything and endowed with the best possible qualities, and the most admirable of all the leaders he had so far met." Svenska Dagbladet

This quote clearly illustrates Swedish PM Göran Persson's preference for the red variaty of fascism.

SD Kuriren 051108, 12:07 Editorial (Swedish)

85 percent of rapists had foreign backgrounds

Research of serious offences in the Swedish Court of Appeal shows that of 27 rape convicts 85 percent were born abroad or born from parents who were born abroad, writes Hanne Kjöller in Dagens Nyheter 1) on November 4 2005.

The research has been conducted by Master of Law Ann-Christine Hjelm for the commission for crime victims (Brottsoffermyndigheten), and Hjelm has examined if culturally based criminality is a myth or reality. It showed not to be myth at all.

SD Kuriren is a newsoutlet from the moderate Swedish anti-immigration party The Swedish Democrats (Sverigesdemokraterna)

You may not understand Swedish, but have a look of this list of rapes etc.
1) One of the main Swedish newspapers.

See also Fjordman: Muslim rape epidemic in Sweden

US Statistics

In 1999, according to U.S. Dept. of Justice statistics, there were about 197,679 black-on-white violent crimes compared to about 8,198 white-on-black violent crimes (single-offender victimizations involving completed, as opposed to mere threatened, violence)-- more than 20 times as many—and even more remarkably there were about 20,003 black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults (single-offender victimizations), while the number of white-on-black rapes or sexual assaults was somewhere between between 0 and 33. Black-on-white rapes or sexual assaults were at least 600 times as common as the reverse.

Criminal Victimization in United States, 1999 Statistical Tables


Mary-Ann Leneghan
May7 2005 age 16

Mary-Ann Leneghan was like most white children probably brought up with the notion of the 'equality of races and cultures'.

Mary-Ann Leneghan

MTV, the BBC and schoolteachers probably made mary Ann believe, that 'all people are basically the same'. She paid a heavy price for her innocence and her lack of understanding of the true nature of the multi-ethnic reality in the streets of formerly so great Britain. She had to endure the most horrifying pain and torture, before she finally bled to death.....

She had no idea that many black and asian immigrants don't exactly feel the same way, but regard young white girls as easy victims to be exploited and abused in whatever way they deem fit.

She had no idea, that the 'wicked right wing racist extremists' from the British National Party were the only ones telling the truth. If she had not been brainwashed by the politically correct TV and educational system, she might still have been alive today.

What can you do to stop this

If you have a child, please sign up with the British National Party today. The BNP is the only organization in Great Britain who are trying to stop these things from happening.

In Denmark the Danish People's Party was deamonized in exactly the same way as the BNP is in England today. They were called fascists and nazi's.

Today this party is completely accepted and it's policies are now supported and copied by most other parties, including Labour (Social Democrats), except for the most fanatical left wing extremists and multicult radicals. Furthermore many other governments in Europe are beginning to look at Demark as an example for implementing more restrictive and responsible immigration policies.

This Danish version of the BNP has shown to be a responsible and reliable coalition partner for the government for many years now. The DPP is the third biggest party in Denmark. Current polls said the party has backing from 18 % of the voters.

No longer let yourself be fooled by the racist BBC, who pretend to 'fight racism', yet pick their reporters and staff on the background of race, and depict racism as somthing which is mainly perpetrated by whites. While the ugly truth actually is the exact opposite. Blacks and Asians in the UK are seven times more racist than indigenous white Britons according to an official report from the commission of racial equality..

About the crime:

Mary Ann and her friend were subjected to hours of torture which included having boiling water mixed with sugar thrown over them during the assault between 6 and 7 May last year.

They were stabbed and slashed with knives, beaten with an iron bar and forced to smoke heroin and crack cocaine.

Their ordeal only came to an end when they were driven from the hotel room and frogmarched to a park, where they were told they would be killed.

Pillowcases were placed over their heads and their hands were tied.

Miss Leneghan was then stabbed more than 40 times in her neck, chest, stomach and legs as she screamed and begged for her life. She died after suffering massive blood loss.

Her friend, now 19, was forced to watch Miss Leneghan being murdered before she was shot in the forehead at point blank range. She survived when the bullet fragmented. The Scotsman

Victim of the multicult

Mary-Ann Leneghan
Tortured, raped, murdered
Mary-Ann Leneghan, 16, and a friend (18) were abducted and Mary-Ann was, raped and murdered by made up of 5 Negroes and one Asian, before her body was found in Reading's Prospect Park in May 2005. Her friend was shot in the head but, survived. Mary-Ann Leneghan died from stab wounds at Prospect Park in Reading, Berkshire.

Six men deny charges including murder, kidnap and rape. Everyone in Reading has a good idea as to the ethnic composition of the gang, because when the crime was committed a description of suspects was put out by police.

Additionally, the BBC, which is normally so quick off the mark to label a crime as “racist” when the victim is Black and the perpetrators are White are, apparently having trouble finding this word in their corporate mindbenders dictionary! Whole story | Mary Ann Family Appeal

Adrian Thomas, 20; Llewellyn Adams, 24; Michael Johnson, 19; Indrit Krasniqi, 19 and brothers Jamaile and Joshua Morally, 23 and 22, all from London, deny all charges. Judge dismisses Mary-Ann jurors | Mark Warwick, of Berkshire police: “the men police are looking for may be of mixed race, white, or Afro-Caribbean". source

The murderers were Black and Asian, the victim White

Court drawing of the murderers
by BBC artist

Court drawing of the murderers
by Meridian

BBC artist tried to obscure ethnicity of perpetrators

All are non whites, but the BBC artist responsible for the drawing shown above left, attempted to obscure the African pigmentation of five of the rape-killers, while painting the Asian Krasniqi as White. What a self-indictment of the pathetic bankruptcy of the ruling system! Reportedly, the victims hung around with non-Whites, a clear warning to Whites, especially girls.

Jamaile Morally (22)

Joshua Morally (22)

Michael Johnson (19)
Put the gun to Mary-Ann's friend's head. Carried a Koran with him when he appeared in court.   Dealt the fatal knife blow

Adrian Anthony Thomas (20)

Llewellyn Olemide Adams (24)

Indrit Krasniqi (18)
Drug dealer, the gang's ringleader.
From the Balham district of London. Balham is jam-packed with mosques, masjids, and other Islamic institutions.

Illegal Kosovo Albanian muslim immigrant.

Jamaile Morally ( 22), Joshua Morally (23), Michael Johnson (19), Adrian Thomas (20), Llewellyn Adams (24) and Indrit Krasniqi (18) were found guilty of murder and kidnapping.
Sky News | National Vanguard | Ekstra Bladet (Danish newspaper, there was no mention of the perpetrators' ethnicity in the article!)

Mary-Ann Leneghan's father Bertie,
visited the spot where his daughter's body was found,
in the Tilehurst area.

The curse of Multiculturalism

Despite it's extreme immigrant friendly policy, Sweden is haunted big time by gang rape, immigrant violence and murder.

The pictures and descriptions given by the police (left part of each image) were very helpful for finding the racist criminal sex offenders. The Swedish way of dealing with the Muslim problem is close your eyes and lie through your teeth.

Pictures right: Four Somali's assaulted two Swedish girls and raped one. The left side of the picture is what was spread by the police in order to apprehend the purpetrators, It reports the criminals are 1) Swedish, 2) Swedish, 3) Finnish 4) Somali, while in fact they are all Somali!
Would you believe Swedish crime statistics now?

Finland Jan 3: Three 19-24 years old Somalis were prosecuted for raping an 14-years old Finnish girl and attemting to rape another 15-years old Finnish girl. This is third case in Helsinki Court during short time.
One of these attempted criminals have already got 4 months sentence to Jail for sexual mistreatment of child. All of them have also make themselves guilty of robbery, mistreats and other crimes.

These images full size here
Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif - Somalia Rapist Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud - Somalia Rapist
Abdulgadir Mohamed Khalif Jassin Abdikarim Mahamud
Mursal Mahamud Abdulahi - Somalia Rapist Omar Mohamed Omar - Somalia Rapist
Mursal Mahamud Abdulahi Omar Mohamed Omar

December 15 2005 Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden:

Swedish girls Malin and Amanda were on their way to a party on New Year's Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants.

Sweden's largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as "two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia", a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden. Similar incidents are reported with shocking frequency, to the point where some observers fear that law and order is completely breaking down in the country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Another horrifying story: Assyrrian International News Agency


Theo van Gogh age 47
2 oktober 2004

Mohammed Bouyeri
Morrocan Murderer

Mohammed Bouyeri
Moroccan muslim fanatic

Victim of the multicult

Christopher Yates
Victim of the multicult: Christopher Yates

Christopher Yates, 30, was knocked to the ground and his head kicked like a football last November, the Old Bailey was told. He was set upon by the group who had been drinking in the car park of the University of East London in Barking.

Sajid Zulfiqar, 25, Zahid Bashir, 23, and Imran Maqsood, 21, of Ilford, east London, will be sentenced on Thursday. The court heard that after the attack Zulfiqar shouted, in Urdu: “We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.”

After attacking Mr Yates, the group, all unemployed, moved on to Ilford where they shouted racial abuse at a black resident who remonstrated after they damaged vehicles and set off car alarms.

Murderers - 'Asians'

Sajid Zulfiqar 25, Zahid Bashir 23, and Imran Maqsood 21

An Asian member of staff was assaulted at a local curry house before Zulfiqar attacked another black man in a nearby street.

They were arrested after hiding in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, a week later, as they made plans to flee the country.

After the verdicts, Mr Yates' family released a statement which said: "Our much-loved son, Christopher, was brutally and viciously killed with merciless ferocity.

"These men have robbed us of a precious son, whose whole life lay ahead of him."

"Although the verdict has brought some comfort to us, it can never replace the loss of our beloved son, Christopher."

"These are evil men and people like this should not be free to roam about our streets hurting innocent people." BBC

Theo van Gogh

The Dutch filminstructor
and collumnist Theo van Gogh was murdered by a fanatic Muslim; immigrant, a Moroccan. Not long before his death he had produced an Islam critical film

'Submission' in which woman unfriendly verses of the Quran were read. While he was riding a bicycle in his native town Amsterdam he was stabbed and shot by the 26 year old Moroccan.

Theo was working on another film "06-05" about the Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn who was murdered may 6 2002. ABC BNP

How the Dutch authorities treated the creator of a peace painting with the inscription 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'.

Mohammed Bouyeri's letter to Hirsi Ali | Danish
Conspiracy? Was the van Gogh murder part of a bigger plan?

More Immigrant Murderers click

Richard Whelan
age 28

Richard Whelan from North London was stabbed to death after protecting his girlfriend who was being taunted by a Negro. 29 July 2005

It wasn't Islam!
»marxist schoolteachers brainwashing our children«
Our raped and murdered children are but a small sacrifice
for our new religion: the global multicultural paradise

24.2 الزَّانِيَةُ وَالزَّانِي فَاجْلِدُوا كُلَّ وَاحِدٍ مِّنْهُمَا مِئَةَ جَلْدَةٍ وَلَا تَأْخُذْكُم بِهِمَا رَأْفَةٌ فِي دِينِ اللَّهِ إِن كُنتُمْ تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْآخِرِ وَلْيَشْهَدْ عَذَابَهُمَا طَائِفَةٌ مِّنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

But not only in Sweden we see the oppression of free speech, and a ruthless battle against people who wish to curtail immigration.

jeremy Hardy - Murerously funny
Jeremy Hardy
murderous fun

In Britain the BBC has for years been a driving force advocating multiculturalism and vilifying anybody with opposing views.

Just how serious this has become lately can be illustrated by this clip taken from a broadcast of the BBC's radio 4 show september 12 2004, where marxist "comedian" Jeremy Hardy says just what gangs of immigrants already have been practicing for a while:

If you just took everyone
from the BNP
and everyone who votes for them and shot them in the back of the head, there would be
a brighter future for us all

Listen to this clip which gives a pretty good impression of the fascist train of thought of the ruling elite. Click to listen

A Muslim rape epidemic in sweeping over Europe - The psychology of muslim madness

But violence from muslim immigrants is not the only kind violence Europeans face.

Also extreme left wing groups, redfascists are responsible for countless attacks on political opponents. To illustrate the gap between right wing and leftwing violence in Denmark, I will include an excerpt from report originating from the same redfascist circles. The red fascists by the way also have an intimate cooperation with their muslim counterparts, and a number of muslim fundamentalists as well as Danish converts to Islam are represented in the party Enhedslistens top. They demonstrate together on a regular basis.

A redfascist group which calls itself Redox, (Jonas Jensen) and presents itself as 'researchers of the extreme right', could come up with two instances of right wing violence since 1997 on their homepage:
  • In 1997 a Nazi, Thomas Derry Nakaba (half Japanese!) attempted to send a mail bomb in 1997.
    [He was found guilty and after serving his time he was knifed down in the street by a redfascist.. Balder's comment]
  • In 2001 Benjamin Hermansen was murdered in Oslo (Norway!). End excerpt.

Redfascist attacks on the contrary, are countless, and their victims are not exclusively members of the 'extreme right', but count politicians, such as PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen, minister of Integration Rikke Hvilshøj (arson attack), MP Pia Kjærsgaard and countless other ordinary citizens, who wrote articles in newspapers or who dared show up at political meetings. There have been three attempts to attack myself, by the way, and an open invitation to come to my house and 'have a chat with the Nazi' is still on the Internet, of course with my name and address. Also the redfascists have conducted attacks directly aimed at other people's homes.

The political front end of the redfascist storm troopers in Denmark is the party Enhedslisten, whose leading members in many cases have refused to condemn violence themselves. I wrote personally to a number of individuals from the party top, asking them to distance themselves from the attacks on my person. But I never got a response from any of them.

A small representation of some of the worst redfascist splintergroups, organizations and individuals can be found here (Danish only).

Complete text:

[Hardy] In some areas of the country the British National Party has been doing quite well electorally.
And one of the really hard things about being on the left, is you always have to be positive about human kind, and it's just so tiresome.
You always have to come up with a reason why someone's done something and it can't just be because they are stupid bastards.. [laughter]

People vote for the BNP and we have to say:

[Woman’s voice] Yeah well though the BNP are Nazi's, the people who vote for them aren't necessarily Nazi's.
The BNP play on people's fears, people who are alienated because of the expropriation of their labor, according to the theory of capital accumulation, leaving them feeling vulnerable, and looking for scapegoats and blaming the wrong people instead of the bosses they should blame.

[Hardy] And I just think well that’s all well and good but if you just took everyone from the BNP, and everyone who votes for them, and shot them in the back of the head, there would be a brighter future for us all.

BBC calls for Genocide against BNP members

Update on BBC calls for Genocide

BNP files formal complaint for incitement to genocide

In Holland the same story:
Amsterdam's Angry Neighborhood Imam

A prerequisite for the forced implementation of the multicultural society: EU's plans for curtailing free speech: Racist and Xenophobic content on the Internet.

Two Swedes attacked by six immigrants, who videotape their 'victory'.
English translation of the story
Watch Video

: Immigrant Violence in Sweden:
Welcome to Sweden
(Fox News 20 MB)
Welcome to Sweden
(Fox News wmv 6 MB)
Muslim Violence Multiethnical chaos i Paris

Jeremy Hardy: Ok to kill Nationalists

Don't forget to visit this page:

Racism and the fight against immigration
A provokative discussion around the concepts of race and racism (this site)

Rape: Nothing to do with Islam?

List of British victims of immigrant violence: The Fallen List blog

The Roque Gallery - List and pictures of immigrant murderers in Britain

Victim Philip Lawrence  & Family
Philip Lawrence
The Lawrence children with their father before he was brutally murdered outside his school by the Philipino immigrant.

Learco Chindamo Philipines - Murdering Immigrant
Learco Chindamo - Murderer
Murderer Learco Chindamo is a Philipino immigrant more


Bruised and bloody rape victim
Rape Victiom
(no connection to cases on this page)

Charlene Downes 14-year-old
May be murdered by muslim cannibals
Charlene Downes 14
Murdered and served up as kebab at ethnic restaurant

March 30 2006 Charlene Downes is believed by Blackpool police to have been turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - have been charged with her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body.

Metro report (retyped as it has not appeared online):

The body of a missing schoolgirl may have been turned into burgers and kebabs and served up at a seaside fast food outlet.

Police fear the remains of 14 year old Charlene Downes, who went missing in November 2003, may also have been ground up into tile grout.

Iyad Albattikhi, 28, who ran the Funny Boyz takeaway in Blackpool, is charged with her murder.

The co-owner of the business Mohammed Raveshi, a 49 year old former social services worker and foster father, is charged with assisting in the disposal of her body.

The men appeared at a hearing at Blackpool maistrates court yesterday.

The teenager whose body has never been found left home on Halloween saying she was meeting friends on Blackpool's North Pier.

It was initially thought Charlene, a pupil at St George's Church of England High School, had run away.

Appeals for her to come forward were subsequently posted in missing persons' columns.

However six months after her disappearance police searched freezers at three Blackpool curry houses looking for her remains.

During the investigation some 3000 men were DNA tested and a TV appeal for information was broadcast on the BBC's Crimewatch show. read more

Ibrahim Shkupolli - Muslim immigrant Kosovo

Ibrahim Shkupolli

Shanni Naylor victim of Somali class mate at  Myrtle Springs School in Sheffield England
Shanni Naylor
12 years old

Young White victim of ethnic violence. Shanni was cut across her face with a pen knife by a Somali "class mate" at Sheffield’s Myrtle Springs School details

Latest victims of multiculturalism:

Helsinki, Finland December 31 2009: Ibrahim Shkupolli 43 year old Kosovo-Albanian immigrant ex-con kills 4 innocent people in a shopping mall. Elsewhere the body of his wife is found. BBC (The press blames guns!)

Danny O'Connor from Ipswich, England
, murdered by Muslim Dulu Miah, as usual accompanied by a whole gang of immigrants. The murderer got away with a three year sentence!

"Entering the words "Danny O'Connor Ipswich" into Google this afternoon, (June 12 2005) not one single story about the killing or the subsequent court case appeared. As far as the media are concerned, Danny O'Connor never existed. That, in turn, reflects the institutionalised anti-white bias of the police, judiciary and the media, all of which are in general denial that white people can be victims too." (BNP Website quote)

Political correctness protects young ethnic offenders
by Mike Liddell, Former Strathclyde Police chief inspector Read.

Racist attacks on whites in Stoke (UK)
Martin Porter and Mark Machin were attacked outside the Late Shop in Sneyd Green after being racially abused as they went to buy sweets. more

New racist murders: Ashley Hedger, David Henkel, Richard Whelan

Down: Thes blacks tortured, raped and murdered Channon Christian 21, and Christopher Newsom 23. Not a racist crime??

Knoxville Morderne


Knoxville murder victims
Channon Christian died 21 Christopher Newsom died 23

Channon Christian died 21 Christopher Newsom died 23

Balder Blog 30 maj: Fire sorte voldtog og massakrerede ungt hvidt par. Not a HATE CRIME? (with video)
Whitespeech Tuesday, May 01, 2007: WHITES SACRIFICED-FOR WHAT???
January 11, 2007 Two men in custody in Knoxville double murder investigation

Long list of murdered Britons
Sweden, Rape and Responsible Speech by Robin Burk
List more racist attacks against whites: The Anti-White Racism The Anti-White Racism - A Documentation Center & Link Directory / Le Racisme Antiblanc Le Racisme Antiblanc
More reasons why hate crime legislation should not pass
Sweden, Rape and Responsible Speech by Robin Burk
New Nation News for UK-Europe (Immigrant murder rape & violence many mug shots)
Scotland Yard Most wanted list | other cases

The Internet Guide To White Children And Youth Who Have Been Victims Of Racial Crimes

Blacks also targetted by Asian gangs: Daniel Flake
The accused:
Jangir Ahmed (19), of St Paul's Road, Millfield, Peterborough
Aszaal Latif (18), of Hallfields Lane, Gunthorpe, Peterborough

'Australian' rapists: Mohammed Senussi, Khater Bou-Anton Mahmoud Senussi, Tayyab Sheikh, Mohammed Skaf , Bilal Skaf, Mahmoud Chami, Belal Hajeid, Mohamed Ghanem (Source: Le Racisme Anti-Blanc a website with some nice documentation on anti-white racism.
Typical for the situation in France the owner of the website has been visited by the French police with the sole purpose of intimidation. Interracial Rape by country

Blacks prefer to rape whites: Male prison rape, a search for causation and prevention | Statistics
Netherlands: Report on rape (in spite of all the pc bullshit in this article, the truth can't be hidden)

Dramatic increase in Rapes in Norway & Sweden by Muslim gangs: Aftenposten English Section

Dramatische Zunahme von Vergewaltigungen in Norwegen und Schweden durch Moslem-Gangs: Aftenposten English Section

In Innsbruck fallen 30 Türken über zwei 13-jährige Mädchen her. Die Mädchen sollen nach Anraten der Schulleitung das Land verlassen, damit sie nicht ermordet werden: Tirol.com Ibk: 13-Jährige verprügelt, weil sie türkischen Freund verließ

Hier noch drei Fälle aus der Schweiz: In Zürich, Steffisburg und Rhäzüns überfallen Moslem-Gangs junge Mädchen und Kinder, und vergewaltigen sie: http://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/artikel49217 URL wirkte heute nicht 7 Aug 2007

Zum Ende des Ramadan (Festtag des Fastenbrechens) sind tausende Moslems vergewaltigend durch Kairo gezogen, und haben christliche Mädchen vergewaltigt. ... Nun berichten auch Zeitungen darüber: Brutale sexuelle Übergriffe in Kairo

Deutsche Opfer, fremde Täter - Ausländergewalt in Deutschland (German victims, foreign perpetrators - Immigrant violence in Germany)

__________________________________________________ _______________
***MASSENabschiebung von Muslim

Islamforum Muslimen und Gewalt Draht


Nordine Amrani (33) - Moroccan immigrant
Nordine Amrani (33) - Moroccan immigrant - Murdered 6 people in Saint Lambert Square, Liege Belgium 13 Dec 2011
Ahmed Akileh (23) Palestinian immigrant murderer of 78 year old Ingrid Wickman.
Birthe Christiansen - Victim of Somali murderer
Restaurant Havhesten - Odense

Aalah Fadi Samir Mahdi El-Kaissi Ramadhan
/ Casper Östlöv Rape & torture of Emma Svensson
Wanted - dangerous
call police: 00 45 96301448
Kamal Omar Youssuf - Somalia
Murderer of Birthe Christiansen








Mahvan Hashem
Mahvan Hashem (20)
Iraqi immigrant Set fire to his own pizzeria to score the insurance: Lea Koch Mortensen who lived upstairs died 28 yaers old




Taher Hamade Libaneser 22 år - Sundbylille mordet
Taher Hamade 22 (Toto )
murdered Mette Marie Storm with 4 shots to the head.




Ozay Sef (37)

Turkish immigrant
Murdered Jan Søskov (42)


Murderer 22 year old Gypsy immigrant Srdjan Dimic
22 year old Gypsy immigrant Srdjan Dimic Murdered 17 year old Danish girl Katja Fromberg Larsen 17 years old arrested 2007-06-26

Times online December 1 2007 - Migrants and the murder rate

Cases of murder or manslaughter in London from April to September:

19 British suspects charged (These include muslims with British passports!)
26 Foreign citizens charged
29 Number of British victims
23 Number of foreign victims

Source: Metropolitan Police
Times Online

Temporary archive:

2011-12-13 - Nordine Amrani (33) - Moroccan immigrant - Murdered 6 people in Saint Lambert Square, Liege Belgium and wounded more than 100 on December 13, 2011 . Amongst those killed are a 17 month old baby and two teenagers. One of the victims was killed in Amranis flat, and may have been raped as well.


--> Gabriël Leblonc 17 month old baby boy was killed in his mothers arms

Gabriël Leblonc 17 month old baby boy
2011-07-31 (Denmark) Dennis Kaufmann Larsen (23) from Kolding murdered by 19 years old Hassan Habo - Sentence: 6 month in jail!

Slog Dennis Kaufmann ihjel: 19-årig fik seks måneders fængsel for dødsvold

Facebook: R.I.P. Dennis Kaufmann Larsen

Danskernes Parti - Morderen Hassan på fri fod

Dennis Kaufmann Larsen - Murdered by Hassan Habo
Dennis Kaufmann Larsen

2010-05-27 (Sweden) Ahmed Akileh, 23 year old Palestinian (born 1986-08-12) Lebanese nationality, immigrant kills 78 year old Ingrid Wickman and badly beats up her husband Sven Wickman (71) outside Hemköp at Ringvägen in Landskrona. Kills a 78-year Old Woman Over a Parking Spot | Åtal på tisdag mot Ahmad Akileh

'Punishment' 1 year and 10 month nice Swedish jail. Probably will serve only two third of sentence as customary. Lågt straff för Ahmad Akileh

Ingrid Wickman (78) -murdered by immigrant (23)
2010-05-05 (Sweden) 16 year old Beatrice Fredrixon Västerås murdered in woodland near Stenkumlaskolan by immigrant from Kurdistan / Turkey. Expressen
Beatrice Fredrixon (16)
Murdered May 5, 2010

2010-03-10 (Denmark) Henrik Pedersen (36) murdered while playing pool ar restaurant Havhesten, allegedly because he was bald and had tatoos. Two immigrants from Odense killed him with a 9 mm. handgun from a moped. The murderers are still at large. [March 30, 2010] This is not the first murder or attack of an innocent person lately just because he 'looked like a biker'. Related to ongoing conflict between bikers and immigrant gangs: Denmark: Street war between Hells Angels and immigrant gangs spreading


Birthe Christiansen - Victim of Somali murderer
Henrik Pedersen (36) murdered March 10, 2010

2010-02-27 (Denmark) Birthe Christiansen (56), social worker, stabbed to death by Somali 'client' Kamal Omar Youssuf (28) in parking lot at the office.


Birthe Christiansen - Victim of Somali murderer
Birthe Christiansen (56) Murdered January 27, 2010
2009-11-29 (Sweden) Emma Svensson 19 year old near Kristianstad, Aalah Fadi Samir Mahdi El-Kaissi Ramadhan, 22 year old immigrant raped and tortured his former girlfriend. She survived but with severe brain damage and can't speak, The murderer changed his name while in prison to: 'Casper El-Kaissi Östlöv', or Casper Östlöv. Formerly convicted several times for violent abuse, and for having sex with a 13 year old girl. Svenska Motståndsrörelsen |Svenska Motståndsrörelsen | Expressen
Emma Svensson (19)
Raped and tortured by Aalah Fadi
2009-26-10 (Denmark) Anne Holmstrøm [Holmstroem] (27), mother of two children, strangled with an electric lead, chopped with a machete and stabbed several times with a bread knife. 2010-04-05 Husband from Tanzania Mnegela Shabani Milundumo (36) sentenced to 14 years in jail and subsequent deportation. Berlingske Tidende  

2008-03-07 (Denmark) Patrick Nicolajsen Steffin (19) Murdered by 17 year old Turk Cüneyit Özcan and Sri Lankan Horanasuriyage Jude Nilantha Pio Munindradasa (19). The two foreigners knew their victim, and knifed him in the school yard of Voldparkens Skole in Brønshøj. The Turk Cüneyit Özcan was a professional soccer player for the Copenhagen club FCK, he was sentenced to 8 years in jail, while the Sri Lankanian got 12 years. The family and friends of the two murderers caused commotion in court shouting obscenities, laughing, threatening journalists and others finally a window was broken. Footage from surveilance cameras proved that the murder was premeditated.

Horanasuriyage Jude Nilantha Pio Munindradasa has previously been convicted of assault and robbery, and the (now) 18 year old Turk Cüneyit Özcan alledgedly comes from a crime ridden family; supposedly one of his brothers is serving jail time. Ekstra Bladet

Patrick Nicolajsen Steffin
Murdered March 7, 2008 19 years old

2008-04-04 (Germany) Kevin Plum (19) Murdered by 4 Arabs in Stolberg Germany.

His friend was badly wounded but survived.

When Kevin Plum and his friend (17) replied to verbal abuse, the muslim immigrants (Lebanese / Palestinians) attacked and stabbed him four times with a knife. He died shortly after. The immigrant murderer (18) has confessed to the crime.

German mean stream media barely cover the story, and no talk of racism! No headlines and nation wide publicity, which is usually the case if there is suspicion of a 'racist incident', even if this is not proven, and there is no serious physical damage.

More in Danish with links to German stories about the case & video revealing biased media coverage.

The German MSM media coverage: Two groups got into an argument.. Five immigrants against two Germans (Two Germans = a group?) Not clear if it was a murder case.. (stabbed four times is not murder?) No racist background... (What if 5 Germans had killed an immigrant ?)
'A policeman was wounded at a demonstration shortly after' (bitten by a police dog!)

A memorial is planned for April 24 2008. (10.00 Uhr Treffen / 11.00 Uhr Beginn - Treffpunkt: Bahnhof Altstadt )

Kevin Plum
Stolberg Germany
Murdered 19 years old

2008-03-07 (Denmark) Lea Koch Mortensen (28) was unlucky. She lived in the city of Bramming in an appartment over a pizzeria owned by two Iraqi brothers.

The pizzeria was destroyed in a violent eksplosion, and Lea Koch Mortensen burned to death. A week later it turned out the Iraq's set off the fire themselves to cash in on the insurance.

The owner Mahvan Hashem his brother and 4 other immigrants are now under arrest. Almost all 'pizzeria fires' which happened in recent years were lighted by the immigrant owners themselvses. 22 year old Abdullah Saad Al-Rofae (Iraq) who started the fire and the mastermind Mahwan Hashem (Iraq) are to be deported after serving their time. Politiken

Lea Koch Mortensen
Died 28 years old

2007-09-19 (Denmark) Mette Marie Storm 18 murdered by Lebanese immigrant bofriend Taher / Toto Hamade who used to beat her, and who previously killed her hamster and her dog.

Had been violent since age 5.

Ekstra Bladet SKød Mette 4 gange

Mette Marie Storm
Died 18 years old
2007-08-20 (Britain) Andrew Holland 16 old British boy murdered in a violent racist attack. 16 year old Andrew Holland was stabbed in the neck in Farnworth, Greater Manchester and died soon after arriving at hospital. His brief life was extinguished by a knife wielding attacker after a petty row in a chip shop on Plodder Lane on Friday night. One of Andrew’s school friends was also attacked in the incident and remains in a critical condition in hospital. Andrew Holland- Victim of immigrant murderer Mahmud Makxoudin, 26
Andrew Holland
Died 16 years old

Morten Friis Pedersen
Died 31 years old

Shanna Johansen
Died 28 years old

Katja Fromberg Larsen
Died 17 years old
Joost Vastenhouw - Holland
Joost Vastenhouw - Holland
Murdered by Chinese immigrant October 3 2007

Here I could have listed all the many other murder cases that happened in the meantime which I have not had the time to follow up on. it is more or less random what I bring here; when there is a clear case, and I have a few spare minutes.

2007-08-18: Two Afghani refugees, Abdul Jalil Ahadi, 35, and Said Mohammed Zakria Hosseini 23 år got two years in jail for pedophelia with 11 year old girl. BT

Mahmud Makxoudin, 26, of Little Hulton, Manchester, is charged with murder and assault. Police said Makxoudin will appear today (Monday 20th) at Bolton Magistrates Court. BNP

2007-09-15 (Denmark) Søren Kornelius Aron Jørgen Jansen (42) Murdered by 14 year old muslim psychopath. The murderers incerceration in a juvenile detention center costs about 90,000 US dollars a month.

2007-05-29 (Denmark) Morten Friis Pedersen (31) Jernbanegade, Slagelse Denmark murdered with a Bowie knife by Turkish immigrant Muhammed Karali (19 - born in Denmark). April 16 2008 he was sentenced 12 year in prison, and subsequent deportation from Denmark. His two accessories; Ali Abdullahi Mohammed (21) and Ramasan Taser (20) both Turks got 2 years and suspended deportation.

2007-05-14 (Denmark) Jan Soeskov (42) (Søskov) Valby, Mozarts Plads Denmark murdered by Turkish immigrant Ozay Sef (37) Sentenced 12 years and deportation from Denmark.

2007-08-03 (Denmark) Shanna Johansen 28 year old Danish girl killed by hit an run driver. Not a murder strictly speaking; 17årig Turk without drivers licence brings pizza's for uncle. Tries to protect uncle and lies in court. Stops after collission but leaves the breathing victim to die. More than just a traffic accident. 17 årig tyrkers dødskørsel kostede den 28 årigt talentfulde unge dansk kvinde Shanna Johansen livet

2007-06-26 (Denmark) Katja Fromberg Larsen 17 years old murdered by 22 year old Gypsy immigrant loverboy Srdjan Dimic from the former Yugoslavia. The Gypsy family father mother two sisters and two brothers had terrorized the whole neighborhood for years. They lived at Tornevangsvej i Birkerød. The father, mother and sister of Srdjan Dimic have been charged with accesory to murder. Universalgeni | Ekstra Bladet

2007-07-03 (Denmark) Bosnian Nermin Fakic wanted for murder - Jyllands-Posten Bosnier eftersøgt for skud i Præstø


2006-10-03 (Holland) - Joost Vastenhouw - Holland Murdered by Chinese immigrant October 3 2007 - A Murdered Friend Remembered


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Romanian article about the situation in Holland
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